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"Providing Quality Forestry Consulting
Services to Landowners for over 30 years."

A leader in the forest industry, McKinley and Lanier Forest Resources, Inc. is committed to responsible forestry and enhancement of your forestland for maximum timber growth and financial return.

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Candidate member of the Association of Consulting Foresters of America, Inc.

Timberland is an Excellent Investment...

Timberland is an excellent investment for part of your portfolio.  The value from timberland is arrived from:

1. Growth - This means to plant the best genetic seedlings available, use herbicide and weed control chemicals, fertilize, thin whenever a stand analysis recommends to, and clearcut when financially mature.

2. Sale of timber - When selling the timber, competitive bidding yields the highest return.

3. Leases - Minerals, hunting, and other types of leases add to the value.

4. Land Appreciation - Is not controlled by the owner but by the market. Landowners control numbers 1, 2, and 3 only, and in order to maximize income a Forestry Consultant is invaluable.

The future looks good for timber products as population increases. Timber is a long term investment and must be held for several years to maximize returns. There are risks involved like in any investment.

Intensive management produces the highest rate of return. This means following a program that determines financial maturity for each stand of timber, planting the best seedlings available, removing the competing vegetation, fertilizing, and thinning at the appropriate time.

Call the Registered Foresters at McKinley and Lanier Forest Resources to assist you with your timberland investment today, at 1-800-247-0041.

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McKinley and Lanier Forest Resources, Inc is centrally located in Tuscaloosa Alabama providing services to Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, Georgia, and Mississippi.


Our Forestry Newsletter Articles are now online at Timber Tips and include information on Timberland Investment, Tax tips, and Wildlife.


We specialize in Timber management and sales of 60 acres and more.

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