Inventory Services

Timber inventories are used to assist with property acquisition or disposition, planning and valuation purposes, and to provide the landowner with a target value for selling timber.  At McKinley and Lanier Forest Resources, Inc, we listen to our clients to find out what they want to do with their timberland and then design an inventory plan to meet their objectives.

Because it is important to have accurate volume information about the timber to avoid improper harvesting or devaluing of the timber, our foresters provide inventory updates as well as management maintenance on all property. Periodic land inspections from the air or ground can be used for timber security and to assess wind damage or impact from trespass, insect damage, beavers, or other casualties.

Active in several professional organizations, our foresters stay abreast of the state-of-the-art forest management practices available today by attending numerous continuing education seminars that focus on all aspects of timber management.

Timber Inventory and Planning Program

Our timber inventory and planning system provides accurate timber volumes, predictions, and harvest scheduling.  Timber growth/yield models are used to predict timber volume, which is an integral part of determining financial return.

Harvest scheduling is determined by integrating the growth and yield aspects of timber management with the financial objectives and other factors provided by the client. This information is then used to develop a harvest schedule, operations budget and a 10-year forest management plan that will best meet the objectives of individual tracts.

Financial Reporting

Forest management can be satisfying and profitable only if attention is paid to management practices, marketing details, record-keeping, and forest taxation. Our registered foresters can provide this reporting in addition, reduce the clients tax burden by providing information to the clients Certified Public Accountant or qualified tax preparer.

mappingGPS Mapping

In today’s fast pace world accurate information is a must. We have the technology and equipment to provide accurate and detailed maps of your property. A complete map that shows the exact acreage of each forest type is essential when planning and budgeting activities.

By combining Geographic Information System (GIS) and GPS, we can locate infrastructure, timber stands, special management areas and endangered species sites. We use these systems as an auditing tool for risk abatement, to check for evidence of trespass, for stand delineation, and to provide accurate acreage calculations for inventories.

GIS can assist in development of harvest scheduling, growth and yield models and financial forecasting models which are used to ensure that timber stands are harvested at the appropriate time.

McKinley and Lanier Forest Resources, Inc has the ability to provide a diverse group of clients with timber inventory results for a wide range of property sizes, locations and objectives.

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